Real Workers of New York. For New Yorkers Who Work For a Living.


Greater New York is a dynamic and thriving area where millions of people live and work every day. Those of us who live here know that there is no other place like it on earth.

We also know that sometimes it can be difficult to live in New York, and this can often be the result of our jobs.  Some jobs come with high stress, some with dangerous work conditions, and still others include issues with employers or co-workers. In all cases, though, there are things we as workers can do to ensure we are protected, safe and have our rights upheld.

The Real Workers of New York website has been created expressly to help the workers of New York understand the variety of factors that impact them on a day to day basis.  Here you can find information regarding workers compensation, laws which govern workers’ rights, your employer’s role in providing a safe workplace, and how to know when you may need to get advice from a legal professional.

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