New Expanded Paid Leave Law Gets Yes Vote!

Steven Schwartzapfel comments on new paid sick leave law in New York

Just this morning, the New York City Council passed a new law allowing for expanded paid sick leave for most employees in the state.  As long as your employer has more than 5 employees, this applies to you.

In the article featured in the New York Times online, city councilmen voted 48-3 in favor of the new law. My favorite quote from the news conference is here:

“No one should have to choose between their job and their health,” Ms. Mark-Viverito said at a news conference before the Council meeting. “No parent should have to choose between caring for a child and putting food on the table.”

This is important to me because we agree that all workers should have fair treatment, the ability to earn a good living, and provide for themselves and their family.  Certainly, having a mandated number of paid sick days can help with that.

This new law goes into effect in April 2014 and will likely effect as many as 500,000 workers.