Key Issues

This website provides resources to the workers of New York. From information regarding unions, to safety in the workplace, to when and how to get a lawyer, you’ll find everything you need to ensure that you do what you can to protect your rights as a worker.

Unions & Worker’s Rights

Key Issues Facing Real Workers of New YorkUnions represent workers in a particular industry.  There is strength in numbers, and unions provide that strength to their members. Advocating for their members is the main focus of a union, and members benefit greatly from this support. Having a union behind you can help you ensure your rights as a worker are being protected. Visit these sections of the website to learn more about unions & worker’s rights.

Safety & Workers Compensation

If you do find yourself injured on the job, you may feel helpless and unsure of what to do next. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may find yourself unable to work for a period of time or even completely disabled. To help ensure you don’t get hurt on the job, learn how to advocate for yourself for a safe and appropriate workplace.  And, in the unfortunate circumstance that you do get hurt, learn what to do to get the workers compensation you deserve.

Discrimination & Exploitation

Workers around the country face discrimination in a variety of ways, but in New York, it’s especially prevalent due to the population diversity and influx of new residents. People of all walks of life and from all over the world make New York their home. Unfortunately, sometimes they are discriminated against and even exploited.  But, there are laws and advocates to protect workers’ rights, and you can learn more about what to do if you feel you’re at risk here.

Protecting Your Rights & Consulting An Attorney

So many people regard consulting an attorney as a last resort. But, when you’re properly informed, you’ll be in shape to make the best decision for you.  Attorneys are certainly not necessary in all cases, but when appropriate, their involvement can make all the difference for you and your life. Learn how to protect your rights as best you can, and also how to know when consulting an attorney is your best bet.