StoriesPaul is a third generation New Yorker. His grandfather and father both lived and worked their whole lives in the Big Apple, and Paul was determined to follow in their footsteps. We know that life can be great in the hustle and bustle of New York, but working in one of the country’s busiest metropolises offers a unique set of challenges to workers of all kinds – but especially to Paul.

As a construction worker in New York, he often found himself working on a variety of different and complex job sites-from high rises in Mid Town to brown stones on the Upper West side. New Yorkers embrace diversity but when an employer failed to adequately maintain a safety harness- Paul took a nasty fall from a fourth story window and sustained a serious work related injury. Fall related injuries are the leading causes of work related injuries, and his family was seriously concerned that it would be a long road back to good health.

Apart from the initial emergency room and hospital visit, there was a battery of follow up doctor’s visits, physical therapy appointments, and other unexpected challenges. Without help it may have been too much for one family to handle.

Fortunately there was a comprehensive list of resources and things to expect from Real Workers of New York. Everything was covered from worker’s rights in New York and even when and how to get a lawyer involved. Thanks to the Real Workers of New York sponsors, Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C., Paul and his family can continue being a New York family for generations to come.

Bill, an electrician, was injured when the meter he was using failed and blew carbon resulting in an electrical arc which then caused an electrical explosion. Bill sustained 3rd degree burns to both his hands and arms along with 2nd degree burns to his neck and face. Bill’s injuries could have been avoided if his employer gave him personal protection equipment, such as the arc flash safety clothing.

Without help from the proper resources, Bill may not have known the steps to take after the accident. Bill was happy to know that he could find a complete list of resources and things to expect when involved in a workplace accident on the Real Workers of New York website. The tips on the website made Bill feel comfortable and confident that hiring a lawyer was the best way to pursue a workers’ compensation case. Bill can now focus on getting better.

Carl, an elevator repair guy, was injured at work when he hit his head on a piece of metal that was hanging from the elevator. Carl suffered a concussion and several head intrusions essentially because his employer failed to give him the appropriate safety equipment, such as a hard hat. Carl’s family was seriously concerned and afraid that Carl’s head injury would lead to partial brain damage. Aside from the initial hospital visit, Carl had to go through a series of brain scans and follow up visits. Carl is fortunate that he went on the Real Workers of New York website to help him fight his case. Thanks to the Real Workers of New York sponsors, Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C., Carl and his family knew the exact steps to take and how to pursue a worker’s compensation case.